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  1. Register a free account
  2. Setup your profile
  3. Upload your products and start selling online upon admin approval
  4. Our review team will review your item
  5. Once your item has been approved it will appear on Mighty Digital World
  6. Have your earnings transferred to you by Paypal or wire transfer once a month. Please refer to payment schedule below.
Payout rate starting from a high 70% without restrictions
  • Registered authors get 70% payout rate from sales of their items.
  • No minimum sales is required.
  • No need to be exclusive to earn high payout unlike others.
  • High achievers and continual active authors can expect to earn even higher than this payout rate.
    *Please refer to your author dashboard for info.
What can you sell at Mighty Digital World
  • Scripts & Codes
  • Plugins
  • App Source Codes
  • Skins/Themes
Payment Schedule
  • We processes our payment on a monthly basis and does not require authors to manually request for payment like others.
  • Payouts for current month sales are scheduled from 1st to 7th of the following month. If these date falls on weekends or public holidays; it shall be carry over to the next working day.
  • Ultra low miniumum payout of USD10. Lesser amount shall be carried forward to the next payment schedule.
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